Solution: Web Site Authentication


How do you really know who is accessing your corporate web site?
Your Intranet? Your Extranet?

More and more businesses and service providers make available critical information and business processes through web-enabled applications. Through their Web site, companies provide access to employees, customers and business partners.

For these businesses, it is essential that access is restricted only to people who have been explicitly authorized.

Most business web sites secure access using passwords and user names. Unfortunately, passwords are secure only if strict guidelines are followed. This is difficult to ensure with employees, and close to impossible with customers and business partners.

How can you prevent a customer or business partner from compromising the password by writing it on a yellow sticky note?


Raak Smart Cards and Tokens provide strong, two-factor authentication. This tells you who is accessing your Web site, and prevents access by unauthorized users.


  • Two factor authentication: A user needs both the physical Smart Card or USB Smart Token and the Smart Card PIN code in order to authenticate. This protects against misuse even if the card is lost or stolen.
  • Ready to Use: Every Raak Smart Card and Token is printed and configured for the end-user, and is ready to use out-of-the-box. No additional deployment systems or software are needed.
  • No Server Software to Buy: Raak Smart Cards and Tokens support SSL authentication using an integrated digital certificate. Any SSL-compatible web server can be configured to support smart card and token-based access without proprietary software on the server.
  • Portability: Raak Smart Cards and Tokens enable use of many devices in other locations - their digital certificate and cryptographic data travel with them.

How It Works

Raak’s Smart Cards and Tokens support SSL client certificate authentication with Microsoft Explorer (through Windows CryptoAPI/CSP) and Netscape/Mozilla (through PKCS11).

By configuring your web server to require client certificates that reside on a Raak smart card or token, you ensure two factor authentication when they login to the site. 

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